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Water Filter Yellow Water Remover And Rust Stainless

Water is the most important part of daily life. Because in addition to the purposes of eating and drinking, water is also utilized for other purposes such as bathing and washing.
Where did water sources come from?
We get water sources from drinking water companies (PDAMs), water sources, rainfed water and the most widely used is sourced from ground water (dug wells, wells pantek). And the most problematic is the water that comes from the well, either dug wells or wells pantek, which in general the problem is the water smells of iron. In digging wells other than smelly iron, the water condition is also turbid yellow brown while at the well pantek usually when the new water out of the pump will look clear but over time the water will change color to brownish yellow, this is because the water from the ground initially did not contact With air so that no oxidation occurs whereas when it has contact with the air there will be oxidation and the water will look yellow.
Well this time a little share the trick of eliminating the smell of iron water.
Iron odor water is caused by the content of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) is high enough in the water. Both of the above substances when exposed to objects such as tub walls, buckets, clothes and others will stick strongly so that the object is yellow and hard to remove other than the water to smell.

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