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Specification of Filter Air Waterpluspure

Waterpluspure Water Filter

This filter is very functional for water problems that contain iron and manganese excessive.

Characteristics of water problems:
1. the beginning of the exit of the clear pump and then settled in the container can change color, smell and arise brown yellow deposits
2. if the clothes washed with this water, can cause the clothes to be dull color
3. can cause thick layer of crust in the pipe, thus causing the flow of water in the pipe to narrow or clog
4. may cause corrosion damage
5. can cause iron odor and are acidic

Installation conditions:
-Filter will work optimally by mounting after water storage tank
-Filter can be directly installed in the waterway you want to use

Product Benefits:
- Eliminates the content of iron and manganese
- Eliminates the content of iron and manganese that are acidic
- Eliminates the impact of damage or corrosion on sanitary equipment and pipes
- Prevent the incidence of various diseases

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